Kereby in brief

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What we wish for

Kereby is focussed on delivering the highest quality service and operations for our tenants and local communities over the long-term. Copenhagen is the center of our work and investments, and we recognise the responsibility we have in contributing to the positive development of the city. Our top priority is providing responsive and professional management through a strong organisation, while bringing new high-quality, environmentally sustainable units to the market and supporting local communities.


Kereby is investing significant long-term capital into units, contributing to local economic growth and creating jobs.

Over the past decade alone, the population of Copenhagen has grown by almost 20 percent, while the supply of housing has only increased by about 8 percent. By creating new homes in, until now, unused areas, we are helping address the supply demand imbalance in Copenhagen in so far as we can.

Kereby about portrait

Who we are

Kereby has a team of approximately 100 people based in Copenhagen, who strive every day to deliver the best service for our tenants and partners. In 2019, Kereby appointed a new management team of experienced professionals from across the Danish real estate industry, who are working hard to build an organization and culture based on the following values:

  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism

Read more about Kereby’s management by clicking here:

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Kenneth Ohlendorff

Lars Pærregaard

Ole Markussen

What we offer

With approximately 2,300 homes (approximately 0.5 percent of Copenhagen’s rental housing stock) and 500 commercial leases, we offer a wide range of tenancies to meet our customers’ different requirements. Our goal is for Kereby to offer modern, attractive and sustainable housing and tenancies that meet today’s standards and our tenants’ expectations, whilst ensuring we preserve the unique cultural heritage of Copenhagen’s traditional housing stock.

What we do

We maintain, renovate and develop the properties we own and manage to the highest standard. We want to ensure that Kereby – now and in the future – can offer attractive housing and tenancies to our tenants and create places and homes where they want to live. In 2019, we have invested approximately half a billion DKK to renovate homes and look forward to building on this.

Our principles

Tenants First

Our new Danish leadership team, built from experts within the Danish housing sector, is united in its commitment to significantly improve service for our tenants. We are focussed on building a strong organisation that will be able to own and operate the properties forever and support our tenants in a respectful, responsible and professional way.

Respecting our tenants and their rights

All leases in Denmark are indefinite for the tenant. We always abide by this regulation and all laws. The Danish Rental Act protects existing tenants against high rent increases.

Investing in high quality housing for our tenants

We have already invested more a half billion DKK to renovate homes and make our buildings more environmentally sustainable, bringing new life into our properties, most of which are over 100 years old, as well as creating new units in previously unused spaces.

Preserving the city’s old housing stock

We renovate units only when tenants leave the unit or ask us to carry out changes. Certain renovations outside units are carried out without any impact on rents, including cleaning or renovating a façade, improving stair-ways or courtyards or making changes to basements or shared laundry-rooms.

Sustaining employment & supporting diversity

We employ around 100 people in Copenhagen directly and indirectly employ several hundred contractors who work across our portfolio.

Making a positive impact in our communities

Some of our projects bring about positive change to the areas we operate.

Get in touch

We encourage our tenants to get in touch if they have concerns or questions. Please contact us at