360 North has changed its name to Kereby

Copenhagen, November 25th 2019



With a new leadership team in place building on its commitments to delivering the highest quality service and operations for tenants and local communities over the long-term, 360 North has changed its name to Kereby.

Kereby’s new executive management team is led by Lars Pærregaard, CEO, Kenneth Ohlendorff, COO, and Ole Markussen, CFO. They bring significant experience from across the Danish real estate sector and will enable Kereby to build an even stronger and more tenant-oriented business.

Kereby’s strategic direction focuses on a number of specific areas, all aimed at developing and strengthening cooperation with Kereby’s tenants and other stakeholders. Customer service is at the heart of Kereby’s business. For example, Kereby is setting up a new customer service center to enhance its service for tenants. Kereby wants to make it easier for tenants to get in touch and to ensure faster response and handling of enquiries.

Kereby is committed to creating high-quality housing, whilst ensuring it preserves the unique cultural heritage of Copenhagen’s traditional housing stock. Kereby is building on the already half a billion DKK it has invested to renovate homes and make its buildings more environmentally sustainable for tenants.

Lars Pærregaard, CEO of Kereby:
“Together with our team, we are united in our commitment to providing the highest quality service for our tenants and being a professional, respectful and responsive landlord. We are long-term owners seeking to work closely with our tenants and local communities and address the under-supply of housing in Copenhagen insofar as we can. We are creating homes and environments where Copenhagen residents want to live and we are doing this by adding high-quality homes and making them more environmentally sustainable, whilst preserving the city’s unique architectural heritage.”


For more information:
Jean Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
Head of ESG & Public Affairs
Mobile: 51 88 89 65
Mail: jah@kereby.dk